Workshops regarding safety in public transportation for over 100 conductors from Poland: Emergency procedures, Self-defense, Pre-medical help, Workshops with a psychologist - how to face stress, traumas caused by accidents at work;



Unbelievable experience during our meeting in Odessa. Cooperation and development of international relations with a special forces of Odessa region.

Terrorist attack at school

ESC has organized together with Police a huge evacuation of the school that took place on 12/06/2018 in Kielce: workshops within public safety for students and teachers, procedures in critical situations, evacuation techniques, over 800 participants.

Close Protection Course

Specialized trainings on operational procedures: shoping center, horse riding, tactical driving, safety procedures, dynamic schooting.


VBSS - Visit, Board, Search & Seizure

Training in the ability to acquire and search objects on the water. During the training, we teach you how to overcome your fears, elements of blue tactics, but above all, work in a group, CQB elements in very tight, complex rooms. If you manage on a ship, you can handle each building.

Antiterror & SWAT

It is a workshop for Krav Maga instructors and people who work in uniformed services to get familiarized with the specific tactics of operation of Antiterrorist and SWAT teams, as well as to conduct specialized training of shooting typical for this type of combat units.

Advanced schooting

Intensive shooting training which emphasizes on advanced tactical shooting with various types of weapons, aggressive weapons skills and dynamic action when taking shooting positions.

Training for security officers

For the first time in Poland! During the training course "Instructor Close Protection", each participant had the opportunity to obtain a completion certificate of training for security officers. This certificate is issued by our training unit, authorizes you to obtain a national license of a security guard issued by a provincial police